About me

Hello everyone,

My first post explains a little about why I started writing this blog, but, it doesn’t share any information about who I am.

I was born more than 45 years ago in a city called Roodepoort which is located close to Johannesburg in South Africa. My parents, John Edward and Hazel Watson were both British, living in South Africa. I had one elder brother (three years and three days older) who is no longer with us.

My late father was a mechanical engineer and part-time concert pianist. He was very creative, I get my best genes (in my opinion) from him. He passed when I was just entering my teens. My mother was a school teacher for at least forty years and I get my book-smarts and thirst for knowledge from the lessons she instilled in me and still does to this day. She currently resides in Leeds, England.

It’s 2017 as I write this page and I currently live in Canada with my three children – two daughters and a son. I was married once, okay, almost twice! I am divorced and have been for many years. My two eldest are away from home at University (my daughters) – one studying marine sciences and the other criminal psychology. My baby (my son), just started high school. He and I spend a fair amount of time playing video games when I’m not working, buried in a book, or watching my latest Asian film or drama. He wants to break into that industry so I feed his passion, much like my father fed mine.

Growing up in Africa was idyllic! My childhood was filled with warm sunny days and some of the friendliest people on the planet.

As a young girl, my Dad started teaching me to play piano at the age of five and I started ballet just shortly after my fourth birthday. That was followed by tap, jazz, and modern dancing and then speech and drama. I loved playing music, dancing, singing, and acting. I was in many productions as a young girl.

My father’s death, as I started my teens, had a profound affect on my life and passions. A coping method for me was my writing. I loved to write stories and poetry, I am still inclined to put pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to keyboard.

As a public affairs specialist and writer, I write professionally. I‘ve written articles for local and international newspapers and journals. During my career, I’ve worked for some amazing people, including a former Commander of the Canadian Army, (LGen Marquis-Hainse) and a number of top federal government ministers here in Canada.

This blog is not a reflection on my professional writing, this is pure pleasure and I don’t feel a great urgency to self-edit my emotions or strictly follow rules of grammar. This is a guilty pleasure, I’d like it to stay that way! That’s not to say that I don’t have my own writing process or that I don’t review and edit my work. I’m just not as concerned with my blog posts as I would be with an article for a newspaper or a press release for my employer or clients.

I hope you will join me as I wander through the wonderful world of Asian drama and film.

I look forward to getting to know you and sharing my love for the obscenely entertaining list I have drawn together for the coming year or two.

Much love and laughter to you all,


(aka ortopsy)