I am fortune’s fool!

Seek not greater wealth, but simpler pleasure; not higher fortune, but deeper felicity

Mahatma Gandhi

Easy Fortune, Happy Life  (2009) 

Also known as
 Fu Chi You An Kang
  Comedy, Melodrama, Romance
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Rural naturopath, Xie Fu An, has the misfortune of encountering a ruthless businessman and heir apparent to a billion-dollar corporation, Yan Da Feng, and his family members when she steps in to help his grandfather survive a heart attack. Unbeknownst to the two of them, their lives are about to become more entangled than one could imagine.

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Basically, this tdrama, or twdrama if you prefer, is all about a power-and-money-hungry man with no morals and no ethical principles who is forced by circumstance to court a woman to gain access to the fortune he desires. He doesn’t plan on falling in love with her, but, surprisingly he does.

Writer Chen Xin Yi with his supporting team of writers butchered the script and the story, which had enormous potential. Filled to overflowing with drama clichés and typical characters (amazing second lead, manipulative and outright bitchy women, guilt-ridden men, exaggerated relatives, calculating financial advisors, cutesy kids, a faithful pooch etc.).

The storyline and backstory are stretched beyond belief! Even though the premise that fate and destiny are preordained and individuals meant to together ultimately end up together, the ties that hold the characters firmly entrenched in their individual and collective misery are so tightly wound it is mind-boggling.

And the characters, with the exception of one or two, are so adolescent in personality and behaviour that even the comedy that might have been a saving grace, fails miserably. The levels of naivety and depravity are so overwhelming that it made for extremely difficult watching.

As for the director? Fire him! Liu Jun Jie’s production was contrived and forced actors and actresses that have success in their individual careers, to perform abysmally.

Saving graces for this production? Well, there were a few, namely actors who held the production together.

Chen Qiao En who played the leading lady Xie Fu An and Roy Qiu who played Han Dong Jie, the second male lead. These two genuinely performed well and had strong chemistry. I’m typically a fan of second male leads and always rooting for them to win over the damsel and stick it to the first male lead. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen. But, their shared scenes are by far the most appealing from this entire production. Also, the performance by Xiu Ji Kai as Yan Yeng, the first lead’s cousin, was solid and not overwhelming with exaggerated performance.

And that’s it folks!

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While for the few that might find this tdrama entertaining, I am sure I can find hundreds who were appalled at the time wasted watching this production. I did a marathon the entire 17 episodes. I did laugh, mostly at the appalling over-dramatization and ridiculous script, not to mention the direction the writers took the story. I was warned many times that Taiwanese drama series are flawed and this is certainly one of them. But, I remain hopeful in finding at least one and so I will continue to explore, just with more caution and better insight. I certainly won’t waste hours of my viewing time on something from Taiwan that is doomed to failure from the start!

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