Death leaves a heartache no one can heal!


After your death, you will be what you were before your birth

Arthur Schopenhauer

Eternal Love  (2017)
Also known as
Three Lives, Three World  & Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms
Fantasy,    Romance,    Xianxia
Written by
 Tang Qi GongZi
Directed by
Lin Yufen   &  Yu Cuihua   &   Ren Haitao
Country of Origin

oh! … brief

Bai Qian is a Qing Qiu goddess. This cdrama follows her three lives the worlds she exists in, the men who love her, and those who plot against her.

oh! … talks drama

Based on a xianxia novel (a written sub-genre of Wuxia that incorporates Taoist elements, such as mortal versus immortal, magic and fantasy) of the same name written by Tang Qi GongZi (Tang Qi), this cdrama’s undertaking was monumental.

I’m not a fantasy fan in general and the synopsis for this drama was confusing at times, but I did understand the concepts of immortality well enough be able to follow most of the storyline. I’ve ordered the novel in English so I can read more of the parts I was confused by. It hasn’t arrived yet, but soon!

China’s fascination with developing lengthy fantasy drama series is quite off-putting. I’d rather have a much shorter story with less fanfare and expense and one that I can marathon over a weekend, as a pose to watching for weeks on end.

I found the writing for the script somewhat stilted. The beginning is fast moving, but then the story falls flat or slows down so much that it is rather annoying. I was not impressed with the length, as is the case with other Chinese fantasy drama series. The writing behind the various characters was perhaps the strongest part of the production.

The costumes and accessories, including hairstyles, were spectacular which is common for this type of Chinese production. The women’s dresses and tribal outfits were stunning! A lot of money was invested in the outfits for the production, not to mention the sets either. Overall these elements were all aesthetically appealing.

Where the directors really struggled, in my opinion, was with the CGI. Perhaps some of the expense on costumes and sets should have been added to the CGI budget. I found the CGI substandard, even for a drama series.

Fortunately, the accompanying soundtrack was better than the CGI.

While there were some wins and some faults, the acting was impassioned.

Yang Mi who plays the tenacious Bai Qian actually had three characters to play – the three different lives she lived. Not an easy feat to accomplish because each life had to be distinct from the one before and the one that followed. Yang Mi is a popular and skilled actress and this role was a perfect opportunity to finally silence her critics! She nailed the three characters and their lives! No doubt about that! As Bai Qian, I believe to date this is her best acting, ever.

I was surprised that Mark Chao was cast as Mo Yuan/ Zhao Ge/ Ye Hua as his work is mostly film. He’s not an overly skilled actor, but he facial expressions, body language and expressive eyes, always adds life to the characters he plays. As with Yang Mi, Mark Chao has three characters to play. I think he excelled as Ye Hua, and the other two were painted well enough not to be distracting.

oh! … that’s a wrap

Fantasy just isn’t my thing when it’s not done properly. I was not as impressed as I was expecting to be. Everyone had been raving on Twitter and Facebook how fantastic this production was, so I’m more than slightly disappointed.

For me, the elements just didn’t combine to create a masterpiece.

I may watch this again in the future, perhaps after reading the novel, but not likely!

You’ll enjoy this if you are familiar with xianxia and are into fantasy romance that goes on eternally. Or, if you don’t mind really bad CGI.

oh! … tidbits

Both Yang Mi and Mark Chao received heavy criticism for their portrayal of their various characters in this production. I don’t necessarily agree with their critics. Their acting was not as bad as it has been made out to be in the media.

This cdrama is the first to have broken 30 billion online views

This drama has had its fair share of controversy, the worst of the allegations being made was plagiarism. Tang Qi has been accused of stealing the main characters, the story and other important details from two love novels, the prologue from an unfinished contemporary piece written by Gu Man and the other a Chinese homosexual love story titled Peach Blossom Debt.

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