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masters sun

I believe ghost story writing is a dying art

H.R. Wakefield

Master’s Sun  (2013)
Also known as
Sun of My Master, Mr. Joo’s Miss Tae
 Fantasy,   Horror,   Mystery,  RomCom
Written by
Directed by
Country of Origin
South Korea

oh! … brief

The ghost of an elderly shopkeeper inadvertently brings together a hapless ‘sensitive’ and a calculating executive. The executive has a special skill that can help the reluctant clairvoyant, so, she stalks him and forces her way into his life. Together the two grow closer, but, obstacles and ghosts keep getting in the way and confusing the situation.

oh! … talks drama

This drama is comic relief and I did an episode marathon because I lost myself in the simplicity of the storyline. My review will be short.

This is the first kdrama from the Hong Sisters that I’ve watched and it was an amusing production, a little drawn-out in the last half, but funny all the same. I cannot say that I found the writing of the story, the plot, and narration exceptional, but, this drama was easy to watch nonetheless.

I think the Hong Sisters could have put more effort into the backstories and that would have provided a better foundation for the main premise. Too much attention was focused on the mystery surrounding twin sisters, which could have been succinctly dealt with in one episode.

I did like the symbolism that was incorporated into the story and the witty humour. The story is far more humorous than sinister, I prefer sinister in general. But the side stories of the ghostly encounters provided the right balance to the overall story and an outlet for some genuine feeling. One or two were poignant and tugged on emotions. It made the drama more interesting, which is possibly a good thing, given that in fantasy there is not a whole lot of substance to the premise.

The Hong Sisters did do a remarkable job of character development, maturing the emotional intelligence of all the leads.

However, the writing of the romance and the romantic triangle was convoluted. I think this drama would have been much better had the plotting of the romance had more attention to its development.

The cinematography was simple and while the backdrop(s) was mostly the shopping mall and surrounding neighbourhood, it provided a good space to film. A special kudos to the director who portrayed the ghosts as both frightening and human. When you watch, you’ll understand what I’m getting at. The make-up was a little over the top but the graphics and technical aspects were well accomplished.

The costumes were stylish and authentic for each character.

Perhaps the saving grace for the production was the accompanying soundtrack and the cast?

I enjoyed most of the soundtrack. It was upbeat and complimented the mood of the drama. The cast is where things were pulled together well.

Joo Joong-won (Master) is flashy if a somewhat arrogant owner of a shopping mall and the male lead for this production. So Ji-sub who plays this character was surprising in this role. Surprising as I wouldn’t have expected him to play in this type of kdrama. He was impressive given that I believe the script was weak. His character comes to life with So Ji-sub’s micro-facial expressions, charm and body language.

Tae Kong-sil (Sun) the productions female lead, an ill-fated young woman who has ‘sensitive’ abilities which allow her to see ghosts. Unfortunately, this ability has left her life in ruins. Kong Hyo-jin was amazing playing this character. She painted the sad life of the character and the somewhat simple-mindedness perfectly.

The chemistry between the Master and his Sun was charming without being cheap.

Kang Woo is the third wheel in the romantic aspect of the story – the love triangle. Seo In-guk played this dashingly handsome second male lead. His expressions of concern are genuinely displayed and draw’s the audience in. It was a great performance.

The chemistry between the Sun and Kang Woo was amicable.

oh! … sidekicks

There were too many supporting characters that were delivered by credible performances from many actors and actresses. Too many in fact to chose sidekicks to write about, so I’ll just mention a couple that I was drawn to.

Kim Gwi-do, secretary and confidante to Joong-won. Choi Jung-woo brought his character’s soft demeanour to life with quiet wisdom. This character should have been included in the leads for the show given the role it plays throughout the drama.

The little boys Lee Seung-mo (played by Lee Do-hyun) and Lee Seung-joon (played by Hong Eun-taek) who live in the Sun’s hostel. These two young boys will grow up to become fine actors.

Tae Yi-ryung a model who is attracted to Kang Woo, who uses guile and manipulation to try and trap Kang Woo in a relationship. Played by Kim Yoo-Ri.

Lee Han-joo, the security busybody and gossip played by Lee Jae-won. This character was hysterical and justly delivered by Lee Jae-won.

Hyun-chul, the soldier in one of the ghost side stories was played by Hong Won-pyo, who gave a credible and authentic performance of a soldier suffering from PTSD and seeing no way out determines that suicide is the only option. Hong Won-pyo did an outstanding job in this role.

Chairman Lee, a competitor to Joong-won who hides a secret from his family. Lee Jae-yong did such a fine job of portraying his forlorn character.

Yoo Jin Woo, a man with ‘sensitive’ abilities who tempts the Sun away from her love. Lee Chun-hee played the insightful character nicely, but his acting skills are lost on such a minor role.

You can find the entire cast list of all actors and actresses on the kdrama’s Wikipedia page.

oh! … that’s a wrap

Having lived a melodramatic life all on my own, I don’t appreciate exaggerated melodrama. This production doesn’t have the usual excessive melodrama. It is light-hearted and easy to watch. I often caught myself laughing hysterically at the antics and humour. The romance, while weighty at times, is mostly upbeat in a comical manner.

You’ll like this if you’re in the mood for something whimsical and animated.

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This gallery is comprised of official photos, behind the scenes shots and some of the eerie ghosts.

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