The first draft is just you, telling yourself, the story

oh such drama writing process

I think there are two types of writers, the architects and the gardeners.

George R. R. Martin

If you agree with George R. R. Martin’s quote above, then for this blog, I am an architect. Unlike a gardener that will dig a hole, drop in a seed (not knowing the type), then water and watch it grow, I have planned and detailed everything ahead of time and typically stick to my blueprints.

My process for blogging Asian film and drama review initially started when I built the lists of what I wanted to watch from the countries I decided to include. The list includes past film and drama from early days and as frustrating as it is, I’m paying less attention to new releases.

I understand if I want a following I need to be relevant, but this blog isn’t about garnering attention and being a popular reviewer, it’s about fulfilling my personal journey and honouring my late father. If in time, I capture the attention of a few readers and other Asian film and drama fans, that’s a bonus, not my goal.

Once I had decided on the film and drama that I wanted to watch and had created the lists, I began thinking of the key elements I wanted to include in my writing:

  • historical aspects of productions based on historical fact and/or figures if relevant (oh! … flashback);
  • a summary of what the film or drama was about (oh! … brief);
  • my review of various aspects that complete a drama, such as the writing of screenplay or script, the cinematography, the musical score, the character leads, and the supporting cast (oh! … talks drama);
  • my overall thoughts and recommendation (oh! … that’s a wrap);
  • the breadcrumbs that complete a story such as location information, symbolism, awards, information that you don’t always ‘get’ from watching a film or drama series (oh! … tidbits);
  • the completed original soundtrack where possible (oh! … soundtrack);
  • images captured from the film or drama (oh! … gallery);
  • an official trailer or multiple trailers (oh! … trailer); and
  • news associated with the production (oh! … nooz)

With the basic structure of what my blog posts would look like I was then able to start writing.

However, I’m really old school! I enjoy writing pieces by hand, long-form.

I typically have a notebook or a voice recorder handy to jot down notes or record important things I might forget later.

I turn these notes into my blog pieces by writing out my first draft.

Once I have my first draft, I  type it up and in the process read and lightly edit the content. I also make note of what types of images I am looking to include in my gallery.

It’s my intention to include a gallery with every blog post, that may not always be possible. However, most will have a few pictures, some will have lots of pictures, and other galleries will be exceptionally detailed with a storybook kind of feel.

I like to capture my own unique images, but, it’s not always possible. If I can’t I try and say where I found the images and give credit to the web page or blog. Crediting when you use someone else’s work is very important, and as a professional in my field, I don’t want mistakes, they can come back to haunt you!

After typing up the second draft, I do a read through and heavy edit for grammar before uploading my draft to my blog’s admin site. I pull all the elements together – content, imagery, and both audio and video. I perform one last final review. When I’m happy I publish the post.

It’s not unusual for me to be working on at least three or four posts at any given time because of the nature of my writing process. I call these writing cycles. Even as I am engrossed in a writing cycle, I’m usually already watching the film and/or drama for the next cycle.

Now that I’ve described my writing process for the two who contact me asking the question, it’s time to get back to the third of my drafted posts that will be released soon

Have an awesome remainder of your week!

xoxoxo Ortopsy xoxoxo

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