They say we’re too young to love, but maybe, they’re too old to remember?

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Video games fosters the mindset that allows creativity to grow

Nolan Bushnell

Love O2O  (2016)
Also known as
Just One Smile is Very Alluring
Fantasy,    Romance
Written by
Gu Man
Directed by
Zhao Tianyu
Country of Origin

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Based on a novel Just One Smile is Very Alluring by Gu Man, this film, which also has a cdrama of the same name, is about the meeting and falling in love with two University students who are gamers. Bei Weiwei, a young woman popular on campus is immersed in the world of online gaming. In the gaming world, she meets the most-skilled player, Xiao Nai. In the real world, Xiao Nai stumbles onto Bei Weiwei who is skilled at mastering the RPG game. The two fall in love.

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Both the film and the drama of the same name are geared to a much, much younger audience than I currently am. Pretty much any teenage girl or guy and especially those who play RPG games will get a kick out of this film.

The writing of the screenplay is straightforward and simple. There is no crazy plot twist or melodrama, and as I have had my fill of both for the moment this was a good thing and likely the reason why I watched this film. My own comedic relief. I imagine the drama will have a more detailed play-by-play of the romance, but the film was not terrible. It wasn’t great either. I don’t think it would have appealed to either of my daughter’s in their teens though as they weren’t into RPG games and I’m okay with that.

The screenplay was lacking, though. I can enjoy a cutesy romance story just the same as anyone else, but this appeared to be a rehash and not as carefully plotted or thought out. While the writer could have added more teenage angst into the narration and scenes, he didn’t. The overall effect was bland.

The cinematography and graphical aspects were quite otherworldly and blended to the surreal RPG world seamlessly. The fight scenes were well choreographed and I enjoyed the play on wuxia, but it was simply a play on it and nothing close to true wuxia.

As is customary with Chinese films, the extravagant costumes in their vivid colours were exceptional. Everything was so pretty. And as mentioned in my previous review if Ice Fantasy, I am a fan of white-haired, blue-eyed Asian men. I don’t know why, but the look just appeals to me. Minus the blue eyes, this film delivered the white-haired fantasy … Sigh …

The two leads had enough chemistry between them to make their buddy romance believable. And as a couple, they complemented each other physically. Angelbaby who played the female lead Bei Weiwei did a good job of convincing me that she wasn’t an airhead, but a smart, sassy woman. Jing Boran didn’t really have to act much, he was the knight in shining armour (literally) and so it didn’t matter whether he was a skilled actor or not. He is a very good-looking young man.

oh! … that’s a wrap

It was on my list, I watched it. It was cute but would appeal more to a teen audience.

You’ll enjoy this if you need a girls night with your daughter, or if you are a teen.

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