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my runway mai reonwei

Take care of your costume and your confidence will take care of itself

Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

My Runway (2016)
Also known as
Mai Reonwei
Comedy,    Coming-of-Age,   Drama,     Romance,    Youth
Country of Origin
South Korea

oh! brief

A teenage girl failing miserably in her studies, dreams of becoming a model and dating Jaebeom a popular male model. But her dreams are dashed during an audition when she encounters Jinwook, an acclaimed super-model, who is arrogant and rude.

After a night of karaoke, a curious incident changes what the two main characters think about each other and their own identities.

oh! talks drama

This drama is specifically produced for a much younger teen audience. I watched it anyway, as there were only six episodes and they were very short. If I had been watching a full-length feature film it would have taken longer to watch than this kdrama.

While I appreciate the story it wasn’t written poorly, the opposite in fact. It’s one that appeals to a much younger generation. My daughters in their early teens would have liked something like this. So I can understand the appeal.

The comedy was great! The teasing and flirting and teenage pranks were hilarious to watch so I believe the actors did a fair enough job.  And the script and narration were good too.

Park Ji Yeon plays Han Seo Yeon, the teenage girl hoping to make a break in the industry. She really pulled off playing the hapless model-wanna-be who has no talent whatsoever and is the wrong height for runway modelling. She does a switcheroo and pulls off the arrogant, snotty, rude and unkind male super-model trapped in the wrong body. It was about as good as you would get as far as acting goes at this young age.

Kang Dong Ho plays Na Jin Wook, the arrogant, snotty, rude, and unkind male super-model and he is very good at it! Maybe lacking a little confidence in being so rude, but he did a good job. Where he was most impressive was when he became the hapless model-wanna-be. He mimicked girlish mannerisms and pettiness soundly, it was actually fun to watch him.

oh! sidekicks

Park Na Rae is Seo Yeon’s best friend and is played by Kisum, a young female Korean rap artist. She did a good job and I liked her character and the way she portrayed her to be wiser and smarter than her model-wanna-be friend.

Jaeboem the popular and handsome young model that Seo Yeon is smitten with is played by Kang Chul-woong. The most interesting aspect of this character is that I believe his interactions with the female-male version of Jin Wook, leads him to question his own identity. Kang Chul-woong delivers a believable performance.

oh! that’s a wrap

This was the kind of kdrama an adult woman could enjoy with her teenage daughter on a girls night in. It’s light enough to be not too serious and funny enough to have both mother and daughter laughing. I wouldn’t watch this again on my own and my daughters are both too old now to enjoy something along this line.

You’ll enjoy this if you are still young-at-heart or are a teenage girl.

oh! … gallery

I captured a lot of photos for this drama as there were so few available to add to the gallery.



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