Fantasy, abandoned by reason, produces impossible monsters ….

Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger 

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Ice Fantasy (2016)
Also known as
City of Fantasy
Fantasy,    Romance
Written by
Shen Zhi Ning
Directed by
Jun Ju Liang
 Feng Shaofeng,    Victoria Song,    Ma Tianyu,    Zhang Meng,    Madina Memet
Country of Origin

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An ongoing rivalry between two tribes living in the Empire, the Ice Tribe and the Fire Tribe is the basis of this Chinese drama. When a visiting prince from the Fire tribe is mysteriously killed after planting something in the Ice Tribes protective wall, the Fire Tribe King finally has an excuse to launch another war against his enemy. This culminates in the Ice Tribe royalty being captured and all their children except two killed outright. The two surviving siblings, escape to the mortal world and seek help from the realm guardian.

The older of the remaining siblings wants freedom but stays to protect the Ice Tribe and those he loves. After several more plot twists, a final war is waged and the younger sibling joins the Fire Tribe to defeat his older brother to enact revenge.

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I was completely lost in this drama, and not in a good way! I enjoy Chinese fantasy and automatically assumed that this would be as enjoyable. I think I got lost because the subtitles were so long, in white and set on white snow of the Ice Tribe for the most part. I got lost very early on.!

I did kind of hang on for a few episodes, but about a third of the way, I gave up entirely and moved to the last three episodes to catch the end.  Let me be honest here, I only stuck it out because I found the whole white-haired blue-eyed Asian look extremely attractive and appealing. I did want to get ‘into’ the drama. Didn’t happen!

But, let’s look at the good things I do have to say.

Lavish costumes – WOW! I loved the very ornate and very detailed costumes and accessories. Everything was so exquisite. And the cinematography was great.

Beautiful sweeping panoramic shots of the surrounds complimented the CGI which was most realistic.

The wuxia aspects of the fight scenes were suitable, well-choreographed and seamlessly delivered.

I think for the most part the acting was enjoyable. I was partial to the two main characters – brothers who had this early bromance thing going on. Feng Shaofeng was really in character. I was surprised to see him later in the mortal world and missed the white-haired blue-eyed handsome mythical immortal thing he had going on.

However, it was hard to review the acting in its entirety when you are unable to fully understand the story and the character’s part in it. It did all seem to come together well enough – sets, costumes, music, acting, and scenery.  And in typical Chinese fashion, the characters were expressive and dramatic.

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I wish I had been able to understand the storyline better but I could not change the colour of my subtitles and that ruined the experience. I also didn’t want to go hunting around for another source given that everything was a bit too fantastical for my liking. It’s a pity though as I don’t normally give up so easily.

You’ll appreciate this drama if you can find a source where the subtitles are visible and the speed is slowed down somewhat. The translation from Chinese to English makes the subtitles very long and they only flash briefly on screen without sufficient time to read everything when you can see them.

You also have to really appreciate the fantasy genre to enjoy this very long drama series.

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Ice Fantasy

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There are hundreds of images (official) captured for this wuxia drama, here are some good ones and some behind the scenes photos. Remember I liked the white-hair blue-eyed thing, so there are more of those!

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