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Falling For Innocence (2015)
Also known as
Falling in Love with Soon-jung
Comedy, Drama, Romance, RomCom
Written by
Yoo Hee-kyung
Directed by
Ji Young-soo
Country of Origin
South Korea

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With just a short time left to live, a cold-hearted businessman with a penchant for merciless corporate restructuring decides before he dies to carry out revenge for his late father who was framed. Fortunately, he receives an organ donation in time and then following the transplant struggles with emotions and attractions most unlike his personality. He falls in love with a woman for no apparent reason and becomes a better man.

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I neither loved, not entirely hated this kdrama. I watched it from start to finish. Likely because the actors did an amazing job of pulling this production together. If not for them, well this production would have tanked, personally speaking.

The story could have set up a very good drama, but the storyline was all over the place. With poorly written plotlines and no logic whatsoever, it was crappy, apart from the comedic aspects and the fact that the cast was very good at taking nothing and making something out of it!

What could have been an amazing production, ended up being a mediocre drama with hilarious comedy!

Cinematically speaking, there was nothing to write home about, no breathtaking scenes, and just well-constructed cinematography. Simple but good.

I did like the accompanying soundtrack and I play the music often enough.

Jung Kyung-ho who played the male lead Kang Min Ho was this production’s saving grace! I am ever-impressed with this young man’s acting abilities. He inhabits and becomes his characters and is fortunate to have a management team who look for the right kind of roles. His portrayal of Min Ho was effortless, from the cold-hearted, ruthless businessman to the vulnerable organ recipient whose heart is literally on the line. He was great! No, he was better than great, he was fantastic. And while he may not be the most handsome actor in Korea, he more than makes up for this with the way he has perfected his art! I’m a huge fan!

Min Ho’s leading lady, Kim Soon-jung played by Kim So-yeon was the opposite of his character. Where he was cold-hearted she was respectful. When he was confused and befuddled, she was present and aware. And their chemistry together was endearing when they both reached that point where falling in love was inevitable. They made a visually gratifying couple. And they worked so well together, to achieve the balance of comedy and sincerity. It was good.

Their interactions with other characters on an individual basis was good.

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It would be a disservice not to mention Jin Goo who is new to me but a fast favourite. His small part in this drama was great. As Ma Dong-wook he was smooth and calculating in the delivery of his character. I liked how he set up his character’s idiosyncrasies so that Jung Kyung-ho could step in and perfectly mimic them. He didn’t get to show off all his acting skills in this minor role, but he’s brilliant!

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While the story itself lacked terribly in the plot, I viewed this drama as Min Ho’s journey to redemption. He was saved not only physically but also spiritually from the path his life was travelling down at full speed. I’m also grateful this drama stayed within the RomCom genre more than descending into the hell of melodrama, because it could have taken that spin. The actors are the only thing that held this production together. Director and writer have ‘gone walkabout’!

You’ll like this drama if you are a Jung Kyung-ho and RomCom fan, but not likely for any other reason.

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The writer of this drama is a newbie to the industry and it shows in the quality of the writing and the understanding of how drama storylines develop. Maybe next time around this person will do a better job!

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Falling for Innocence


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